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We pride ourselves on delivering our customers extraordinary rather than ordinary service.  With over 20 years in the Solar Industry, our staff don’t just sell a product; they include their knowledge and information for free! Solar Partners Australia has been installing solar power and solar hot water systems for over 20 years and we offer specialised advice, professional tradesman and all our work carries a personal Service Guarantee. We carry stock in our warehouse to ensure we can offer you what you want when you want it.

For Business

A professionally installed solar panel system at your business will usually see payback periods between 2-5 years.

For Home

Solar power for your home means saving money by using the sun’s free energy to power your household during the day.


Did you know that dirty solar panels can reduce the efficiency of your solar system up to 25%.

Home/Business Package

If you have a business or maybe a rental property, let us show you how we can save you thousands on the second system.

Solar Energy and Solar Power Solutions For Your Home

We understand that going solar is a big decision. By installing a Solar PV System you can start saving money and reduce your greenhouse emissions.

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