Confused about Solar: The Best Way to Ensure You Get the Right System for your Home

If you’re confused about Solar power, you are not alone. We list the best ways to make sure you’re making the right choice for your home.

Are Solar Backup Batteries Worth The Investment?

A Couple Of Good Questions To Ask When Choosing If A Battery Is Right For Your Home: Are you wishing to save on electricity costs? Do you intend on reducing your carbon footprint? Would you like the peace of mind in outages, blackouts, and natural disasters? A ‘yes’...

CommBank Green Loans For Solar

Customers with an CommBank home loan or investment home loan can use the CommBank Green Loan to buy and install eligible solar panels & battery packs at the property secured by their existing home loan.   You Can Use A CommBank Green Loan To Buy And Install...

Is Solar Power worth it in Sydney?

Is solar energy worthwhile in Sydney? It's a topic we hear hundreds of times a day, and adding solar panels is a good investment for the majority of houses. With electricity rates in Australia continuing to rise, people are racing...

Top 5 Benefits of Solar Energy for your home

Solar Power for your Home As the cost of power increases and electricity bills continue to climb, homeowners are seeking methods to save money while maintaining comfort and convenience. Solar panels, which turn the sun's energy into clean power, are also being...

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