Solar Panel Systems for Businesses

A professionally installed solar panel system on the roof of your business premises will continue to save you money for many years and with electricity prices continuing to rise it has never been a better time to go solar.

As with a domestic installation, installing a solar power system for your business will see you saving money from day one. The return on investment for a typical commercial installation will usually exceed the Return on investment of most domestic systems.

The reasons are quite simple:

  • Most businesses operate during daylight hours when a solar power system is operating at optimum capacity
  • Most business use less power into the evening or early morning and may be able to use a battery system to cover most if not all of the power used during these times
  • Most businesses have a larger roof space, therefore enabling a larger system to be installed
  • There are many options available to business owners when purchasing a solar power system, such as leasing, Chattel mortgage and PPA arrangements
  • Systems purchased are tax deductible and can be depreciated
  • With current government rebates on offer, we are seeing most commercial systems paid back within 3 years