Solar Sale

SOLAR SYSTEM SALE blue mountains premium system installed 22 panels and inverter

6.6KW Solar System installed for $3,849

We know you’re in the market for a solar system but it can be a challenge to compare the offers out there. With 20 years experience in the solar industry, here are 5 reasons why you should call us to book in your site inspection and not miss this deal.

#1   This system will produce an average of 9,500KW hours a year, that equates to a saving of $2,500 per year in electricity!

#2    We are a local Blue Mountains Company

#3     Our owner Shane will always inspect your home before we confirm the installation

#4     This package includes 22 x Premium Canadian Panels & a Goodwe 5KW inverter

#5     If this system doesn’t suit your needs we can design one that will. We also have available Tesla Batteries, Micro Inverter Systems and do larger residential and commercial systems.